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In open water you can see the bait as well as fish following.

You can also literally watch fish move in and around brush piles by looking for the telltale white marks that appear and disappear.

In this Humminbird Bow 360 review, you’ll see exactly why and how I use 360 to be a better and more efficient fisherman.360 Imaging is basically a rotating side imaging transducer.

The rotation creates the circular sweep and software paints it onto the screen as an image.See all Around the Boat – The most obvious benefit to Bow 360 is being able to see the water column and lake bottom in all directions around the boat.Even better is it works best while stationary or moving slowly like you do when using the trolling motor.The pod should be a few inches above the trolling motor housing, just enough to clear the prop.There are two cables coming out of the shaft, one for power, the other is Ethernet.

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There have been many occasions where I come across random colonies of bream beds on huge flats, or along the bank.