Union label dating series 2m

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Union label dating series 2m

Dating the People's Pocket Series and Ten Cent Pocket Series is more complex.

The People's Pocket Series was issued with a great variety of wrapper designs over a relatively short period.

Therefore, usually the best way to identify the various printings and attempt to date them is by examining the wrappers which, unlike the text of the book, do show a great deal of variation.

What follows is an attempt to provide some guidelines for dating a particular book, in most cases by examination of the wrapper.

To make sure they are not falling foul of the rules, producers often label the products as ‘drink’ rather milk.

But only last week British supermarkets – including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose – vowed to change their websites after it was revealed that they were selling products under the name ‘milk’.

Due to the popularity of the products some have suggested that the European Commission could extend the list of exemptions to include terms such as soya milk.

But the move would likely face huge opposition from farmers groups.

The popularity of the non-dairy drinks prompted the ONS to include them in its typical basket as measure of consumer spending due earlier this year.In many cases the name of the series on the title page was not changed even though that series was no longer issued.For example, many title pages label the book as a Ten Cent Pocket Series while the wrapper is of the Little Blue Book series and clearly from twenty years or more after the Ten Cent Pocket Series was discontinued.In a great many cases it is only possible to fix an approximate date.Most books were reprinted many times from the same setting of type with few or no changes to the text.

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In its ruling, judges also insisted that products labelled as cheese or butter that did not involve milk from an animal were being described incorrectly.