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There are two simple things CMB could do better: 1. As of now, they are just lame and completely uninspiring.

Here are some actual examples of those unworthy questions: “Best burritos in your immediate vicinity”, “Are jean shorts an acceptable summer fashion choice?

” , “Do you buy extended warranties for your electronics? Good writers, who love to write and who can really intrigue and attract someone through their writing would be too lazy to engage in impressive rhetoric on their smartphones, as it just takes too much effort.

” and my “favorite” : “Leftover pizza and Chinese food: to be eaten cold or heated up? Typing on an actual keyboard is of course easier and would encourage people to write more meaningful messages, and go far beyond “hi” and “how is your day going?

And if you're newly single while simultaneously dating in a new city, that's just another adj…The details of my date are quite inconsequential. A few weeks later, we went for drinks, chatted, laughed, danced.

I asked if she wanted to check out another bar, and she said she was ready to part ways.

In the first way, you both like each other equally and life is dandy.

In the second way, they like you more than you like them and it's awkward.

Finally, in the third, you're the on…Usually, it's safe to assume that dating someone who loves to spend time with you is pretty much always a good thing.

Craft who will now be approaching 67 years of age was asked to retire by executive board members.

Although Craft did not intend to leave the company this year, she has made it clear that she was planning to retire within the next 2 – 3 years.

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