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Triathlon nude

You really become pretty immune to it, both with your own nudity and that of everyone around you.The warm summer air on my bare skin felt freaking fantastic.

Excuse the language, but I had to give my self a reality check and quite frankly, a slap across the face.Sign onto Pinterest, or open a fitness magazine, and tell me that isn’t what you also see.While I am strong, fit, and fully capable of doing my job, in the back of my mind I am always aware of the fact thatto the point that it garners stares from strangers, and my boobs have shrunk to nearly nothing thanks to a combination of motherhood, a combined 2 years of breastfeeding my children, and distance running.So with the help of some friends on a trail run later that day, we recreated the picture (thus, this pic is NOT on resort property).I wanted to clarify out of respect for our hosts and fellow racers yesterday.

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As soon as we pulled into the gates and into the park, I noticed people everywhere in running shoes and absolutely nothing else.

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