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Transatlantic dating

It was cold and wintery where I was and every night I climbed into the big double bed alone and stared at my cellphone waiting for replies to my messages. These thoughts began to consume me so that when I finally did get a reply I was more irritated than happy.

I became more and more disheartened as the effects of being in a long distance relationship settled in, thinking that this was the inevitable ‘drifting apart’ I was so afraid of. I’d only been gone a couple months after all, how would things be in four months or six months?

I started to think “Hey, this isn’t so bad, we can make this work”.

But after a several weeks the messages became less frequent and I started to miss him a lot.

And then that sadness started to turn to anger and frustration. It all erupted in an argument one day, when teary eyed and heartbroken I asked him if he even missed me at all.

My boyfriend has always known how much moving overseas meant to me and has always been willing to follow me anywhere.

It’s not like the old days where I would have to wait for weeks and weeks to receive that elusive love letter.

The airplane had free wifi and after a few minutes we were chatting away on Whatsapp as though everything was completely normal.

It felt really good that he was never far away even though we were oceans apart.

At first things were going really well, we Skyped all the time, chatted away on instant messaging, I sent him photos while I was out and about sightseeing and he sent me photos of himself hanging out with all our friends, who I was missing too.

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It is a hard thing to imagine being in a long distance relationship with someone that you can’t even see face to face on a regular basis.

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