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It's different than a lot of other competing BDSM sites because it's actually a social network, rather than a real dating site.

If you want to make friends who love BDSM just as much as you do, you'll love this community. However, you'll also get to learn about other aspects of member's lives.

Most people do enjoy real-life sex encounters after connecting with new people at this website.

It has a good reputation, as everyone there wants exactly the same thing. It's a social media website which helps people who adore BDSM, kink and fetish to get to know each other.

The website must invite more and more young people to join the BDSM dating games.

Through broad reach, it connects people all over the world.

If you want kinkier sex partners who understand what you like and why you like it, you'll love searching on this site.

It gets strong ratings in terms of services, prices, member quality, user-friendliness and customer satisfaction.

/5 - Many Americans are actually far more into bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, AKA BDSM than the rest of the world.

Based on a recent survey, more than 36 % of American adults utilized blindfolds, bondage and mask for sexual thrills.

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This adult dating website is legitimate and it's populated by users who want easy sex with no strings attached.

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