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Tony 85205 mesa arizona dating profile

The crowd outside had actually started to get bigger and there was a full house. I had forgotten about the acid until the end of the set break.

I was talking to a woman (I think her name was Joanne) and she started staring at me.

He was ignoring the other guys and just trying to do his own thing.

We got through the first set and headed into the back room where the band always had a tub of bottled beer and limited privacy (this band had a rider).

With a light powder already on the ground, and little chance of a huge bar crowd, I was braving the elements to play a gig with the Homel-Alaniz Band.

This was a big step for me because I had only played a few gigs with band and I wasn’t confident I could handle all of the odd time changes and other particulars.The other musicians were good, but nobody had ever played with each other on stage before.The only familiar face in the band was Dave, and right before the first set he unveiled his secret potion for the night for both of us: pure liquid acid. I had never done anything so strong before and I’m by no means the peer pressure type, but there was something appealing to the thought that this might open me up to the world of the Merry Pranksters and deliver me to the roots of the Grateful Dead.Dave asked the immortal question, “Do you want a man sized dose?” Advice of the Day: When a 45 year old experienced and weathered Deadhead offers you a man sized dose of liquid acid, you say no. The first set began and soon I was concentrating hard on trying to play with this hodgepodge of musicians and a set list where some of the songs I had been way too young to have ever heard, let alone know the changes.

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At that moment, I remembered what had happened an hour ago, and I realized that the train was leaving the station. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.