Tokyo dating cafes

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Tokyo dating cafes

Saito is also popular during dinner time so it is recommended that you reserve a table a few days earlier before making your way there.

It’s frowned upon to talk on your mobile on public transport. It’s regarded as bad manners to blow your nose in public.

When receiving business cards, accept with two hands (and optional bow), and don’t immediately put away in your pocket but leave it out to admire for a while.

In a Japanese onsen (hot spring), remove all clothes and wash at the low taps before entering the baths.

ourist board information: for Tokyo and for Japan Emergency fire and ambulance: 119 Emergency police: 110.

For English-language assistance with police, call (minus international code) 03 3501 0110 (office hours) British Embassy: No 1 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku (0081 3 5211 1100;

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When looking for a restaurant in Japan, you might often come across the word "viking" to describe the way food is served. Viking-style dining refers to buffets in Japan, and it is said that The Imperial Viking Sal, a restaurant located on the 17th floor of Imperial Hotel Tokyo, is the first restaurant in Japan to serve eat-all-you-can plans.

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