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It has some Nobita interactions with the tiny aliens.r).- Episode: "The Giant Zuneo" (2015): Unfortunately is Zuneo and not Nobita who grows up to giant size in this episode, but at the ending, Nobita grows up himself and all his town, in order to Zuneo went to restroom.There's a funny moment where Nobita almost steps his tiny (normal size) teacher.s).- Episode: "Nobita inside Nobita" (2016): Doraemon and friends travel inside Nobita's mind and in a scene, he saves a small village converting himself into Ultra Kid, growing up to colossal size and stepping an evil giant monster.t).- OVA: "Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum" (2015): Nobita and his friends go to a futurist museum.The height of the Monchhichi dolls' popularity was in Germany during the 1980s, surpassing even the Japanese figure sales during this period.The Monchhichi doll line reached the North American shores in 1980. The American cartoon series Monchhichis was produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1983 and aired on ABC (as part of The Monchhichis/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show) in an effort to promote the doll line.Zuneo and Giant shrunk by the Gulliver tunnel and have some interactions with Nobita and handsome orange haired boy.z).- Episode: "Nobita 3 cm" (2016): Nobita and his friends use the Guviller tunnel to have an adventure, but they get lost and have some great interactions in a park full of giant boys, althought Nobita is shrunken too, this episode is so great." (1981): Piisuke is in love of Kyoko, but she is taller than him, Arale grows him up to giant size, but Piisuke denies to be a giant, so Arale shrinks Kyoko to ant size and Piisuke saves her of an evil scarab." (1998): Piisuke is in love of Kyoko, but she is taller than him, Arale grows him up to giant size, but Piisuke denies to be a giant, so Arale shrinks Kyoko to ant size and Piisuke saves her of an evil scarab." (1986) b).- Episode 45: "Danger in the air" (1987) c).- Episode 46: "Bulma's Bad Day" (1987) d).- Episode 47: "Kame House: Found! " (2012): From Episode 575 to 578: A tiny woman called Lily appeared in the ship seeking help, finally Luffy and his friends decide to help her, in the final battle, Lily enters in Luffy's body, doing he becomes a giant and defeating his enemy.c).- Episode 22: "Adventure with Burulu and Buluru" (1976): Sinbad and his friends arrived to Burulu (Lilliput) island and are used as giant weapons against their enemies, the Buluru people (tinies too).: Kouhei, his brother Yuuta and his friend Mami find a group of tiny heros who will help them to defeat the villains (only from Episode 1 to 23, they are small, the rest of the episodes the heros have a normal size).b).- Episode 12 "Kuwabara's defeat" (1992) c).- Episode 13 "Yusuke vs." (1987): From episode 44 to 47 Bulma invents a bracelet which is able to shrink her to mouse size in order to travel with Goku in the Nimbus Cloud." (1991) b).- Episode 75: "Password is Purunga" (1991) c).- Episode 90: "Bold and fearless" (1991) d).- Episode 91: "Embodiment of fire" (1991): From episode 74 to 75 The Captain Ginyu accidentally exchanges (and shrinks) his body with a frog and in the episodes 90 and 91 he exchanges his body with Bulma, who is converted (and shrunk) into a frog, having both some interactions with Gohan and Krillin.b).- Episode 57b: "Huge frog against the freak of the southern seas" (2005): A small moment where finally Fuyuki becomes giant to fight against a huge squid, unfortunately there isn't almost none interaction with tiny ones.a).- Episode 10: "Byzel fight festival" (2014): b).- Episode 11: "A long-standing feeling" (2014) c).- Episode 12: "Terrifying cannon" (2014): Elizabeth and Diane are shrunk by a mushroom, Diane has a normal size because she is a giant, but Elizabeth is shrunken to doll size, having some interactions with Meliodas.b).- Episode 576: "A dark and powerful army" (2012) c).- Episode 577: "A great and desperate escape plan! Rando" (1993): Rando who at the begining has a boy appearance, shrinks Kuwabara to doll size and defeats him, then Yusuke makes Rando shrinks himself in order to defeat him.: Anime about an old woman who shrinks in unexpected times.

Also other variants like Boutique (Monchhichi in various dress styles), Mother Care (Monchhichi with a young one in her front pocket), 40th Anniversary edition are available.

The following years would see the Monchhichi line marketed in all of Western Europe.

The original name was changed to "Chicaboo" in the United Kingdom, to "Mon Cicci" in Italy, to "Kiki" in France, to "Bølle" in Denmark and to "Moncsicsi" in Hungary.

The line was dropped by Mattel due to poor sales in 1985, but was reintroduced during Monchhichi's 30 anniversary in 2004 by Sekiguchi.

As of 2013, Monchhichi dolls are still available in the United States from retailers such as Target.

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