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from a data center instead from at home or on a server instead of a laptop) allows you to easily run the feedreader only then and when without loosing items which were posted after your feedreader fetched feeds the last time but rotated out again before you fetch them the next time.I call that concept a and I've implemented a proof of concept implementation called sfp.In my experience with RSS, the feed is compiled by the last X items where X is a variable.Certain Feeds may have the full list, but for bandwidth sake most places are likely limiting to just the last few items.If the feedreader doesn't poll feeds regularily, the proxy could fetch known feeds time-based on its own to not miss an item in highly volatile feeds like the one from User Friendly which has only one item and changes every day (or at least used to do so). crashed or lost network connection while you are away for a few days, you might loose items in your feedreader's cache.Having the proxy to fetch those feeds regularily (e.g.n=1000 I don't want to make my application dependent on Google Reader. RSS/Atom feeds does not allow for historic information to be retrieved.It is up to the publisher of the feed to provide it if they want such as in the blogger or wordpress examples you gave above.

An application (such as a keyboard or mouse) is said to have focus when it receives user input.

All previous answers more or less relied on existing services to still have a copy of that feed or the feed engine to be able to provide older items dynamically.

There's though another, admittedly pro-active and rather theoretical way to do so: Let your feedreader use a caching proxy which semantically understands RSS and/or Atom feeds and caches them on a per-item base up to as many items as you configure.

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A dialog box – perhaps a “File, Open” file selection box – may take the focus away from the main application window until the dialog is dismissed.