Thunderbird rss feeds stopped updating pivot table filter list not updating

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Thunderbird rss feeds stopped updating

I was okay with social-curated news when my social feeds were chronological, but now that everyone's doing algorithms, you miss way too much if you aren't looking at something like RSS. There's a fantastic TTRSS client available for Windows UWP that works on Windows Mobile too.I was never a fan of social feeds trying to show news rather than what friends are doing. The web client is always open in one of my tabs, and when I'm away from my computer I use the tt RSS Android app.I spent a good while trying to work out what was wrong, typed out the command to send mail and it worked – so I knew the issue was not blat itself.After calling over a colleague to help, demonstrating the (reproducible) problem of pasting the script line and crashing blat I asked what was wrong. Perhaps most importantly, you don’t need to be constantly online and constantly refreshing your feeds to make sure you don’t miss anything. If you are using a desktop client then you might miss items from a very active feed if it didn't connect to the web recently enough. They still do a lot of 'hard news' stuff (along with the vast majority of their output which is straight 'normal news'). But they make up a minority of their magazine content. And it seems to be far from unique to the BBC, you can notice it with all the national broadcasters (Though BBC being English and thus have a worldwide reach in its original form, is more noticeable outside of the UK).I was also able to reproduce this on my Windows7 machine at home too.

Not so useful when you're in an offline environment like the London underground (where I usually catch up with my feeds at the end of the day)Facebook and Twitter suffer from the same issue though I'm on Giff Gaff which isn't one of those networks supported.

They even have Daily Mail style headlines now, where a random word is capitalised for emphasis:"Up to NINE terrible things happened"I browse with an ad blocker, so those are actual headlines, not Outbrain/Taboola (ugh) links. But they make up a minority of their magazine content. They don't need to lower themselves to that standard. Best i can tell, there is a new generation of "journalists" coming onboard that have been trained in the style of "blogs".

Technical details.[2][1] [2] BBCHave you visited the BBC News website recently? I'd have thought taxes license fee would be enough to avoid the race to the bottom, but here we are.

The two of us still took a couple of minutes before he realised I had mistyped the server name used to send the mail.

Instead of s6a1.I had entered s6a1.Sure enough – if the mail server hostname can not be resolved by blat – it will crash.

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