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Hamilton said he made his way down from the Mountain and within 15 minutes, had deployed 30 officers including officers from the ACTION team, a SWAT team, as well as police dogs and mounted units.

Though Woden was worshiped preeminently, there is not sufficient evidence of his cult to show whether it was practiced by all the Teutonic tribes or to enable conclusions to be drawn about the nature of the god.

ET."On Saturday night, I met up with a group of people in the Durand neighbourhood, strolled along Aberdeen and up some of the side streets attacking the luxury cars and mansions we found there, making noise with a portable sound system and loads of fireworks," the post reads.

"The march then turned down Locke and attacked as many yuppie businesses as we could before deciding to disperse.

Some have criticized the police response, as no arrests were made.

Hamilton, however, maintained the officers acted appropriately."Two officers against 30 people isn't going to work out very well for them," he said."They utilized their training, backed off to a safe distance, and called for backup, which is what they're supposed to do."The blog post also goes on to talk about why small businesses were a target Saturday night, saying it "isn't the size of the business, it's that the relationship is exploitative.""When someone decides to be a capitalist, making money through their investments rather than through their labour, their position relative to changes in the city becomes fundamentally different.

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