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While it's true that the cent sign was ultimately made part of other larger encoding standards, and is possible to create at modern PCs with a little effortthe damage had been done.

Without a cent key in front of them, writers of books, newspapers, magazines, and advertisements made do without.

For example, backslash: \just like a slash, only backwards. When was the last time you saw one of these symbols in the newspaper? I've skipped slots 0-31, because they're "control characters"--codes without a printable equivalent.So-called text files, still in widespread use today, consist of sequences of these numbers (or ) to represent letters, spaces, and end-of-lines.Text editors, for example, the Windows Notepad application, display ASCII codes as lines of text on your screen so that you can read and edit them.To track someone’s phone everytime, every where to read messages both sent and received, it seem to be ridiculous.But not, with the invention of spy apps, hacking into cell phone can be entirely performed if you install the spy app on the target phone.

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(The typewriter layout had certain obvious failings in computer applications, for example: overloading the digit 1 and lower case L, so it couldn't be blindly adopted.) Three handy fractions were cut: .