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Even walking in as a 13-year-old with 21-year-old men in the room, it wasn’t really that intimidating. TV: We wanted to take this year just to be open to the whole thing, and then at the end of the year, take our bodies’ temperatures, see if we have that internal drive.

The guys are a lot more laid back, we just sit and joke. Q: TV: This time it’s a little different than in 2008, when we were really anxious to get back.

We considered, briefly, postponing it until after the season, but whenever we take the ice we always want to be at our best, and I think the last two years, training in that pain, I haven’t felt that.

There are websites full of comments like, “They need to get married and have babies,” and you’re not even dating.

TV: [laughs] We don’t read that stuff, to start with. Hopefully that means people are buying into what we do in our programs. Q: TV: I think everything we do, whether in front of a camera or not, is genuine.

Q: TV: I used to get sick sometimes in training, too. After the last surgery, in 2008, I felt self-doubt. Q: SM: It changes every time, and that’s one of the best things about competing, you don’t know what the feeling is going to be. Your judge is trying to sell you to the other countries’ judges—“Look at that lift, they have tons of speed”—and you have to be on. TV: Actually, I slept better than I did in the months leading up to the Games. Without that Olympic pressure, this time it’s about being 100 per cent, getting completely healthy, and if that takes more time, that’s all right. TV: Well, we certainly haven’t had the normal school experience, normal social lives. We’ve been so fortunate to travel at a young age, have the life experiences we’ve had.

I didn’t feel totally healthy, I questioned my skating skills. There was one practice at the Olympics, I felt like my legs couldn’t bend—I was more nervous even than for the performance. I was taking a psychology class at the University of Windsor, and it branched off into a sports psych section. It’s so disappointing that we missed the fall series, but it’s almost better to be in this situation with the hope of competing pain free. Q: SM: When I’m home, my friends are all coming home from work, their lives are a little more concrete. TV: And academically, a lot of my friends are in their fourth year of university.

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There’s a difference between feeling nervous and feeling: “I’m not worthy of taking the ice.” SM: It’s crazy. There was a lot of talk about Olympic athletes and just the word “Olympic” would make me feel numb, physically sick. Once we were in the Village and had gone through a few practices, that was the best I’d felt. Q: SM: The Olympics was better than anything we’d imagined, and then winning Worlds was awesome. Q: SM: I think what we’ve learned is that it’s not just the hours, but what you’re doing during those hours. TV: It didn’t take us long to figure out, looking around when we were 12 and every other team was fighting and yelling at each other, that that’s not a productive way to train. We both go out there and give 100 per cent, maybe that’s why we don’t have those problems.

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