Temporal representation and event dating Sex chat no sine up

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Different answers to each of these questions allow very different representations of time. Representations Based on Dating Schemes A good representation of time for instantaneous events, if it is possible, is using an absolute dating system.

In ordinary conscious experience, consciousness of time seems to be ubiquitous.

Quite different representations of time are usable depending on the assumptions that can be made about the temporal information to be represented.

We can remember the past and anticipate the future, but we are only directly aware of what is present – or so it is natural to say and suppose. So if our awareness is confined to the present, our awareness must itself lack temporal depth.

Hence we are led swiftly to the conclusion that our direct awareness cannot possibly encompass phenomena possessing temporal extension.

The most crucial issue is the degree of certainty one can assume.

Can one assume that a time stamp can be assigned to each event, or barring that, that the events are fully ordered?

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And of course there are past-oriented emotions, such as remorse or regret or shame: through these the past can influence our present feelings, often in powerful ways.