Taylor lautner ashley greene dating

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Taylor lautner ashley greene dating

Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart to come to your birthday party? Or maybe make an appearance at the local shopping mall?

Last week, Rob was snapped for the first time in full vampire mode on the Eclipse set.

A woman from New York City asked about Facinelli being a guest at her 30th birthday party in October.

Next month will mark nine years since the first “Twilight” movie came to life on the big screen.

“It’s amazing that people are so intrigued by who I have lunch with and whatnot.

This is my thing: If I was in a relationship with someone that I really cared about, it would upset me if they speculated something about me and someone else because that other person has to read it,” Ashley said.

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C.; Minneapolis; Phoenix; Boston; Toronto; and Portland, Ore Move over Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

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