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The risk of puncturing an implant is extremely low, but it is technically possible (Vinnie has only turned away a handful of women in his many years of nipple tattooing).

If your surgeon was very aggressive and removed all fat under the skin, and the skin is extremely tight over the implant without muscle or much dermal matrix product over the implant, the skin can be very thin in parts.

Timing of nipple tattooing depends on what type of surgery you had and the location of the incisions/scars.

If the mastectomy scar isn’t across the middle of the breast, across the area where the nipple would be, you should wait until at least 12 weeks post-surgery.

Tattoo artists pull the skin tight in order to deposit the pigment under the skin correctly; trying to tattoo a reconstructed nipple is like trying to pop a half-deflated balloon — the needle has a harder time penetrating the surface.

On a reconstructed nipple, less pigment makes it into the skin, so the color won’t be as dark.

— Caroline Durham, content manager of When can I get nipple tattoos done?

More: Fiona Inc.: Nearly 0K to Cincinnati Zoo from sales of hippo books, beer and ice cream More: Celebrate Fiona the hippo's birthday: Watch her live, grab swag More: It's Fiona the hippo's birthday. Patrick Kelly, of Independence, got a tribute to Fiona Saturday at a tattoo convention in Cleveland.

"As a collector of tattoos I decided to use the image of Fiona as the focal point because my wife and I absolutely adore her and she’s a hometown hero," Kelly said.

If the skin isn’t ready, the tattoos take longer to heal and give poorer results.

In general, the longer you wait, the better your results. It’s easier to do a tattoo without a reconstructed nipple.

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"She instantly gives you positive mental attitude." He said the artist Bobby Cupparro did a phenomenal job and that his wife is "thrilled." Kelly isn't the only tatted Fiona lover, judging from a quick Instagram search, our girl is a popular subject.

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