Symantec endpoint protection antivirus not updating

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Pair that with a basic form of malware protection and you might just end up covering 80% of your security needs. If you're an SMB with limited resources (and perhaps close to none IT personnel), then I'd lean towards a fully managed OOB solution (like Bitdefender).If you're a Windows-only Enterprise or Government organization, then I'd lean towards a secured Active Directory domain environment (ie.(300425 EN_Hotfix_1461.u) Issue: The Office Scan server does not automatically uninstall the following third-party software before installing the Office Scan agent: Solution: This hot fix ensures that the Office Scan server automatically uninstalls the third-party software before installing the Office Scan agent.Back to top Enhancements Platform and Browser Support Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection Office Scan supports the Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) feature as part of the Secure Boot standard to provide boot time protection on endpoints.Amongst other things, Microsoft Endpoint Protection 2012 is the "security" component of the suite - a Client/Server Security solution that fully integrates with your Active Directory Domain.

Solution: This hot fix prevents this performance issue by updating the Office Scan server and agent files.(331140 EN_Hotfix_4204) Issue: Scheduled Update is not performed on an Office Scan agent that is not connected to an Office Scan server during startup.Solution: This hot fix resolves this issue so that Scheduled Update is performed on Office Scan agents not connected to an Office Scan server during startup.The solution includes both a "Server" application ( deploy on your application server) and a "Client" counterpart (ie. Not only, you can even get the client "for free", by simply downloading the Trial version of the entire Microsoft Endpoint Protection 2012 suite (trial refers to the Server Application).

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(332291 EN_Hotfix_3600) Issue: The Office Scan 11 Service Pack 1 package contains an older version of "Ofc CMAgent.exe".

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