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"It was horrible and upsetting, but the more stressed I got, the worse it became.

"That was the last straw, and by the time I got home I vowed not to use public transport again.

The professor stopped talking to find out why I was so upset, but I didn’t have a question.Yes, it’s awkward and embarrassing at times, but it’s also made me who I am, and that’s why I want people to know that Tourette’s doesn’t have to drag you down.” – Serena blogs at mission is to provide a forum for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students to make contact with other like minded students."I began to take medication every day to help control my tics, but it left me feeling so tired, hungry and low I came off it aged 15."Although I felt much better without medicine, my tics came back and would get more intense if I was nervous or under pressure.

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"I was told there was no cure, but some people find therapy and medication help.

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