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26) Feast your eyes on the real-life treasures at Historiska, Stockholm’s main history museum.

15) Get a massage while listening to organ music (yes, really). There are usually free gigs, plays and cultural activities taking place across Stockholm during summertime. 19) Grab a beer at Pub Anchor and watch some real-life rock karaoke unfold before your eyes.

27) Wander among the trippy sculptures in the grounds around Moderna Museet, which are always free to visit. 28) Learn how stuff works at Sweden’s museum of science and technology, which is free on Wednesday evenings.

Or you could just head to the museum’s 4D cinema, which specialises in – you guessed it – movies about science and technology. There are lots of small ones worth visiting around Stockholm, including the Lars Bohman Gallery at Karlavägen 9, which shows off works by Swedish greats like Lars Lerin.

Now and then, after the noon service on Wednesdays, the folks at S:t Görans kyrka offer free shoulder and back massages. There are some good, purpose-built bouldering walls near the play park in Rålambshovsparken. Parkteatern puts on free outdoor shows from June–September. There are a full 18 holes to try out at Visättra Discgolf in Huddinge, which has free entry. There’s even a free buffet, for when the headbanging makes you hungry.

20) Wander through medieval Stockholm (and see the last remaining section of the old city walls) at Medeltidsmuseet. 21) See how Sweden conquered the seas at the free-to-visit maritime museum, Sjöhistoriska. You’ll have to pass security to get inside Stockholm’s courthouse, Rådhuset, but there’s no admission fee – and it’s one of the best examples of the 23) See some of the world’s biggest coins (which weigh in at almost 20kg! 24) Learn what it takes to win a Nobel Prize at Nobelmuseet, which tells the stories of past recipients.

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Tyska Kyrkan (the German Church) dates back to 1571 and has a stunning baroque interior. The parade takes place daily in Gamla Stan during summer and at least three times a week during the winter.

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