Sql updating a row

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Sql updating a row

Embedded SQL is one approach to incorporating SQL in your procedural language applications.Another approach is to use a procedural API such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).For example, a transaction to transfer money could involve three discrete operations: decreasing the savings account balance, increasing the checking account balance, and recording the transfer in an account history table.Unlike DDL statements, DML statements do not implicitly commit the current transaction.Any other data access method circumvents the security built into Oracle Database and potentially compromises data security and integrity.SQL provides an interface to a relational database such as Oracle Database.

The application does not need to process the rows one by one, nor does the developer need to know how the rows are physically stored or retrieved.

A session lasts from the time the user is authenticated by the database until the user disconnects or exits the database application.

Session control statements enable you to: Embedded SQL statements incorporate DDL, DML, and transaction control statements within a procedural language program. Embedded statements are used with the Oracle precompilers.

The steps that the database uses to execute a statement greatly affect how quickly the statement runs.

Many different ways of processing a DML statement are often possible.

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) is the set-based, high-level declarative computer language with which all programs and users access data in an Oracle database.