Sphinx zodiac dating slow dating in bristol

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Sphinx zodiac dating

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, since I had never been.First, I’m used to the way Elan with Shaloha Productions, does things.Then, of course, Kryon channelling is given all along the way. “May you always drink from the Nile” Kryon Blessings, Lee Carroll …we have been guided to continue with Kryon for a second sacred tour to Egypt in April 2019.Our new tour is in 2019 and a grand one that will include for the first time an excursion to Mt. This tour will include for the first time an excursion to Mt.Higher knowledge were left for a future time when those seeking mastery would return and be infused with divine energies enabling them unlock the keys to remembering and actualizing the wisdom of the gods once again. Includes a 10 Nights/12 Day Luxury Cruise on the Nile!To see the full tour itinerary information and images, scroll down.Awaken to the timeless wisdom of the Pleiadians and Hathors.A Gateway to the Stars and the origin of your Cosmic Soul!

The few hotels we stayed at were also top of the line.

Our journey will be a living book of experiences as we share the gifts of the moment.

We will go beyond time and space and remember our divine essence.

At these sacred sites they used ritual and ceremony to help keep energy flowing between Heaven and Earth.

As current cycles are ending and new ones are emerging it is time to remember, honor and integrate sacred wisdom into our lives.

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Encoded within us are the keys that will unlock the mysteries again enabling us to realize greater harmony, peace and higher purpose.