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Between 11 Serbia was ruled by the Nemanjić dynasty (which legacy is especially cherished), under whom the state was elevated to a kingdom (and briefly an empire) and Serbian bishopric to an autocephalous archbishopric (through the effort of Sava, the country's patron saint).Monuments of the Nemanjić period survives in many monasteries (several being World Heritage) and fortifications.In all Serb lands south of the rivers Danube and Sava, the nobility was eliminated and the peasantry was enserfed to Ottoman masters, while much of the clergy fled or were confined to the isolated monasteries.Under the Ottoman system, Serbs, as Christians, were considered an inferior class of people and subjected to heavy taxes, and a small portion of the Serbian populace experienced Islamisation.She joined the cast and appeared in episodes starting in 2007 but was less prominent in the later seasons » - Jeff Nelson Perhaps the new preview video and photos for tonight’s season finale of Freeform’s Dead of Summer, titled “She Talks to Angels,” will provide some clues as to who will be left standing at the end of the summer at Camp Stillwater.Press Release: The summer of 1989 at Camp Stillwater comes to a terrifying end in “She Talks to Angels,” the season finale of “Dead of Summer,” airing Tuesday, August 30 ( – p.m.

Serbs, a Slavic tribe that settled the Balkans in the 6th or early 7th century, established the Serbian Principality by the 8th century.

From 1945 to 1963, the official name for Serbia was the People's Republic of Serbia, which became the Socialist Republic of Serbia from 1963 to 1990.

It was said in 822 that the Serbs inhabited the greater part of Roman Dalmatia, their territory spanning what is today southwestern Serbia and parts of neighbouring countries.

After the loss of independence to the Kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, Serbia briefly regained sovereignty under Jovan Nenad in the 16th century.

Since 1990, the official name of the country is the "Republic of Serbia".

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