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The program is designed to expose young people to their heritage, but not to make matches, said Arzan Sam Wadia, a New York-based architect who helps run the trips and serves on FEZANA’s board.

It is, he said, “a pretty big failing.” There doesn’t seem to be much youth programming in the community, although an organization called Zoroastrian Return to Roots has taken about 45 Zoroastrians, aged 22 to 35, on 15-day trips to India.

For those who do want to date and marry within the religion, there aren’t necessarily many options.

One approach is to visit a matchmaker: Roshan Rivetna, a Zoroastrian who lives in Illinois, keeps files on some 200 eligible Zoroastrians.

Since she was profiled by the New York Times in 2009, “the situation has become worse,” she said, relying on the study by the FEZANA journal, where she used to be an editor; the rate of intermarriages, she estimates, has risen from 40 percent to 60 percent.

Otherwise, it can be tough to find a Zoroastrian to be with.

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