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Speed dating events bedfordshire

The verse below describes bending wood over a form.

We can see two planes, two chisels, a mallet, a gluepot, a bench and a rather nice ax and block.

The other early guide is Henri Arnault of Zwolle"s lute design, from his manuscript of c.1450.

David van Edwards has recently discussed this plan, including an explanation of why the shape seems slightly different from those we actually see in late-mediaeval pictures of lutes, in Lute News 69.

Amman also has a picture of coopers, and I think this is of interest because a barrel is a little like the back of a lute, made of ribs, curved and beveled.I think also that paintings of carpenters and carpentry tools must be accurate, because painters must have worked closely with woodworkers, for painters did not only paint fine art paintings on canvas or panels in the renaissance.For instance, the artists Francesco and Giacopo Bassano, painted not only paintings, but bedsteads, murals, the town clock, and so on (so I have read) working alongside the woodworkers who made these items, and many painters painted panels on carved wooden altarpieces, so I think we can assume real familiarity with woodworking tools.The screw clamp on the side of the bench, and the handsaw, something like a modern one, were just beginning to come in at this period—the late 17th century.Jost Amman"s Book of Trades shows a joiner"s workshop as well as a lutemaker"s, with a frame saw, some sort of marking gauge, wooden squares, and planes—the planing being done against a bench stop.

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This first picture many readers will have seen before, that is the picture of a lutemaker from Jost Amman"s Book of Trades, dating from the 1560s (now available in a Dover reprint) and showing a lute maker in his workshop, with some of his tools.

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