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Those with extroversion scores in the top quartile had significantly higher MMI scores than their counterparts.

Conscientiousness, long considered the best predictor of success in medical school and physician practice, was not associated with higher scores."There is a need for broader, multi-school randomized trials to compare the reliability, predictive validity and personality consequences of the MMI with traditional interview processes," Jerant said.

A copy of "Does Applicant Personality Influence Multiple Mini-Interview Performance and Medical School Acceptance Offers?

" can be downloaded at UC Davis School of Medicine is among the nation's leading medical schools, recognized for its research and primary-care programs. program is training the next generation of physician-scientists to conduct high-impact research and translate discoveries into better clinical care.

We will continue to refine the MMI as part of our selection process with the goal of selecting a diverse group of qualified students capable of handling the challenges of a medical career while remaining dedicated advocates for their patients." Mark Henderson In this UC Davis-funded evaluation, Jerant and his team examined the relationship between the personalities of UC Davis School of Medicine applicants and their MMI scores.

Across the grave is the simple inscription: "Richard T Davis, born 1978, died 2003." Richard's father, Lanny, a Vietnam veteran, places his flowers on it.Different evaluators, usually physicians or other health-care professionals, at each station rate the applicants using predetermined criteria.The ratings are forwarded to the Admissions Committee, which considers them along with the rest of each applicant's portfolio.Richard Davis has had two funerals at Sunset Hills.The first, in December 2003 and marked by a 21-gun salute, followed the discovery of an incomplete set of Richard's remains, scarred with stab marks from the blade that killed him.

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