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Spanish eyes dating costa rica

Global Leadership Adventures offers secular teen mission trips in Costa Rica, and our Costa Rica programs are both close to home yet still worlds away.Share your passion for wildlife conservation with the new friends you make in your group and in the community, and work together with conservationists who are striving to protect sea turtles for the next generation. There are no big box five-star resorts in Santa Teresa, and the closest flight (on a tiiiiny plane) drops you off in a field that’s a 45 minute whiplash ride from town.What’s more, unless you're a surfer or yogi or just love the beach and jungle there’s really not much to do here.After that, I had planned for a mini-tour of Costa Rica including sleeping in treehouses in the southern jungle, road tripping up the west coast, and experiencing the hot springs and Arenal volcano from an eco-farm.Instead, we fell down a rabbit hole in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and nearly stayed forever.We continued to ride out our shared passion for surfing, but soon after that birth of our first son the shifts of motherhood uneventfully extinguished my surf stoke.On our second morning in town, we had big plans – we had signed up the kids for surf lessons with Amit from Del Soul Surf School.

My indoctrination into surfing was a baptism of fire and I loved every second of it.

Our first home in Santa Teresa was a nice little apartment near the northern part of town, walking distance to cafes and restaurants, surf shops, and most importantly – the beach.

It was late when we first arrived, so our first visit to the beach wasn’t until the next day.

To be honest, from photos online I really didn’t expect much from the west coast beaches of Costa Rica.

They mostly looked like meh-colored sand, unremarkable water, and some palm trees (but admittedly I’m a bit of a beach brat).

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We kicked off our world tour with a few days Panama City (loved it!