Soon to be ex husband is dating

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Yet Blyton could never forgive Pollock, who served with distinction in two world wars, for finding happiness of his own when their marriage ended.

According to Crowe, Blyton's revenge was to stop him from seeing his daughters, Gillian and Imogen, and to prevent him from finding work in publishing.

Enid and her associates had done their work though.

She didn't want her former husband to be found occupying a prominent position in London publishing, a world she now dominated."Blyton's influence was so great, says Crowe, that she prevented him from working in London. Crowe resumed her writing career, first with Mills and Boon, then as a novelist, to pay their bills.

He was a good man - not the flawed, inconsequential one which was the deliberate misconception that was perpetuated."Crowe and Pollock became friends in 1939. He had been married to Blyton, his second wife, since 1924 when he was her editor at Newnes, the publishers.

"There was no author-publisher relationship between us, not any longer," she writes.It could have succeeded but Hugh said he had not bothered to tell me because he did not think it important. I burned the letter immediately."Crowe also accuses Blyton of wrecking Pollock's literary career after the war ended."For 17 years he had been well-liked and respected in the world of publishing.Blyton, who had published the first of her Famous Five stories in 1942, remarried soon afterwards to Kenneth Darrell Waters, a surgeon.She became a British household name in the 1950s when she created her much-loved character Noddy.

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Pollock arranged for Crowe to work as his secretary at Denbies, Lord Ashcombe's Gothic mansion in Surrey, which had been commandeered for training the Home Guard.