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She said she's sure I'm a playboy who has women in many countries, and that she wants to go to Indonesia with me one day, and maybe go to Thailand to live with me (latter was a flirty joke).

When we were about to leave, she said, "Don't leave! When are you coming back to Taiwan so I can see you more? When I said, "No, delete, take another one without her", she answered, "But you're leaving for Thailand soon, so I really wanna look at your pictures! As you can see, my Indo lady thought of me as a trophy boyfriend that the other Indonesian women would be envious of. Two ladies from East Java (one on the left is a university-educated travel agent who made my lady very jealous) 5.

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The setting is Taipei, Taiwan in August and September of 2013.

(There are hundreds of thousands of Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan.

They and the Vietnamese are the largest groups of migrant workers in Taiwan.

" (In Indonesian, depending on the context, "bercinta" can mean to have a romantic relationship with, but also to have sex.) My Indo lady wouldn't stop laughing about the other girl's comment on wanting to "bercinta" me. A middle-age Taiwanese woman taking care of her mother saw my Indo lady and I talking to each other in 50% Indonesian and 50% Mandarin. " She replied, "No, he's her grandson, and it's because he speaks Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, and many other languages." The Taiwanese lady shrugged and said, "Oh, I really thought he was your boyfriend" (perhaps sarcastically, hehe). BEST one: I got to aggressively flirt with a hot lady from East Java who really vibed like one of those aggressive Mexicanas/Colombianas.

She absolutely loved my flirting and said that I was cute, smart, and good-looking.

The Indonesian women would always stop and say hi to each other, and they were essentially like some kind of a sisterhood.

To them, I appeared very confident, smooth, and playboy-like, which could never happen with urban middle-class Taiwanese or American women.

My family's Indonesian maid and I took my grandmother out to the NTU Hospital for a blood transfusion, which she gets every 2 weeks.

When I knocked on my grandma's house, I was surprised to see her.

On the other hand, I love sitting by her side, reading Indonesian magazines with her, speaking Indonesian to her, and asking her to make me Indonesian food (which I cook together with her sometimes). They would never even think of speaking a single word in Indonesian or asking their maid to make spicy Indonesian food.

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