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You can thank me later for saving you a few hundred bucks a year.I’m not ashamed to admit I probably would have gone on paying .99/mo.There seemed to be a new one every two weeks — even before I could consider the 50% off, they were throwing 60% off at me. I could pay by check, but the service would auto-renew and a new check would be due unless I called to cancel.

I’ll admit it, I hated them even using the service, and I ended up a customer anyway.The customer service nightmare began, as it often does, with an underpaid customer service representative in a foreign country where labor is cheaper.I gave my updated payment information and then asked to have my subscription taken off of automated billing and renewal.It’s about my personal experience with their predatory billing practices, poor promotional ploys and abysmal customer service that led me to cancel my subscription today.I ended up with satellite radio as most people do — with a free 6 month trial in a new car.

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But nobody pays $227.88 for their first year of Sirius XM. And like any bait-and-switch introductory rate, the fine print says that unless you call to cancel your subscription, you will automatically be billed the full $18.99/month in perpetuity.