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Single men dating moms kids longevity

Renee Piane: Most women, I would say based on all the seminars that I’ve done, they get bonded too soon chemically to a guy that they don’t even know, and they are addicted to him because of the oxytocin and all of the chemicals that get triggered off, and it is the most exhilarating love feeling that you can have. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in the low-pressure phase before where I just did break up with somebody, I don’t want to get involved with anybody right now.So you go out and you want to casually date, and that’s usually when men fall in love with you, when you don’t pressure them, when you let go and you just say, “Right now I just want a casually date, I’m not looking for anything”, instead of giving them the “I want a husband, I want kids, I want this, I want that.” It’s too much, too fast.Men run from being pressured (on most any topic) 4.Men don’t really (deep down) want to go straight for intercourse with a woman they consider being with for a long time Renee’s resounding message for single women who are dating to find their soul mate? Enjoy this upbeat and straight-shooting interview from a Dating and Relationship Expert who is truly empowered and in love! [intro music] Alissa Kriteman: Welcome to Just for Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. My show is dedicated to bringing you the most insightful and provocative experts on the issues that are most important.Alissa Kriteman: So basically their minds are not geared toward the feminine energy. They’re brilliant men and have not, many have not learned the emotional side because they’ve been focused on studying, becoming successful, and usually during that time, based on a lot of the clients that I’ve seen personally, most people that get married in that younger age when they’re going through college and, you know, the college sweetheart thing, it’s the person that’s closest to them at the time giving them love and encouragement at the time, they marry that person, then they get out of school, grow up and all of a sudden they’re going, “Wow, this is it? I married the first girl that, you know, nursed me through my grad school and now I’m, you know, out in the world, I have a home, I got a Mercedes, I got a couple kids, and then this is it? Alissa Kriteman: So, are we not supposed to have this in the back of our mind, because I’ve heard other, you know, coaches say, “You got to sort, you got to sort through these men quickly because you have to know yourself well enough to do that”, so… Most of them men that I teach in seminars that I’ve been teaching for 15 years and men all across the country, they all say the same thing, “I do not feel like being badgered on a first date”, or “You meet me online and the first thing that they do when they get you on the phone is they start asking you 50 questions.” The way to get around that ladies is in my new book, which I hope you’ll eventually buy or come to my seminars, you need to learn what your true top five or six values are, what is most important to you, and then gently ask questions based on those values.” So most people don’t develop that emotional intelligence in their life, men don’t, until a little bit later. This is really a predicament, I’m glad you’re bringing this up because I know all of that’s out there, and you’re saying it’s out there but men hate it, so… Renee Piane: I agree with all of that, but there’s a way to do it that doesn’t make men run. For example, one of my values, my highest values ‘cause I’m a hundred percent Italian, is my family.It’s about you getting super clear on who you are and why you are a great catch, why you’re a great partner, what makes you tick, what you bring to a relationship, not just what you’re going to get. They equal love to meaning no more booty, they equal love to meaning that ball and chain, they equal love to being, “Oh my God, I’m confined”, okay.People are always saying, “Well, I need to find somebody that can do a, b, c, d and e, and I’m like, “Well, are you what you’re asking for? Renee Piane: So once you get clear on all of those things, and that takes work and that’s what I do in my, you know, day long seminars and my online seminars, I give people the exact steps that they need to take so that they can get clear on that, and that’s not something you can do on a quick radio show. What makes men commit to a woman and love her is a woman that doesn’t make a man feel like she is going to take him by the cajockies and have him, you know, being ruled by her for the rest of her life. We’re going to take a break to support our sponsors and when we come back I want to talk more about what makes men feel comfortable to commit.

And in, you know, then they have to go through all this, you know, they have to go through all these programs just to get to the level, like therapists have to go through 3,000 hours, doctors have to go, you know, working in the hospital for a couple of years and their internship. ” And they start analyzing a guy and that’s what most of my clients complain about.Renee Piane: Well lets put it this way, they’re trained, you know, to be competitive, to get, you know, a good career, to have a foundation or I call it, you know, like say ‘get their castle together, get their house in order’, before they can settle down.So you figure, if you look at most guys if they’re successful anyway, which all women are trained to look for a guy that’s confident, successful, that has his act together, isn’t that what most women out there, I bet they’re all nodding, “Yes, that’s what I’m looking for”, but somebody that’s also emotionally able to handle our ups and downs, our periods, all the stuff that we go through.Alissa Kriteman: Today on our show I’m very excited to have Renee Piane.Her life is dedicated to helping single men and women understand how to attract and sustain healthy, loving, vibrant relationships. We will discuss the top five things that men wish women knew. And for those of you who are meeting Renee for the first time, let me tell you a little bit about her.

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