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The ability to be able to invite them over still and move them in and such. They could use something like that and integrate it with the gallery, somehow.

It could be a neat way of implementing new NPC sims into your neighborhoods.

That being said, I think with the Get Together expansion the game DOES have a basic dating system with sims in your world which is kinda neat.

I liked using the Sim Finder App in the Sims 3 since you could pick their traits (or not) and then bam they'd be at your door.

Right now its harder to find someone satisfying and you usually resort to making your own.

Sims 2 had a good blind date system with the gyspy maker.

This might seem obvious—it’s the same reason why deleting your Facebook app doesn’t delete your Facebook account.

But anecdotally, finding yourself on dating apps after you believe you’ve removed yourself from them comes as more of a surprise than you’d think.

Of all the singles/dating sites i've looked at, this is the only one that is exactly what it claims to be.

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All the other 'free' sites are free to fill out the profile and then it costs to get any emails or otherwise contact other people on the site. I just wanted to let you know that I really have enjoyed your website. I've been to so many sites that want so much money it's ridiculous. also, gotta love the forums, something else i haven't found on any of the other sites.

They give you the option "Boy or girl" and they choose the one with your wanted interests and such. The second one MAY be able to work and I mean MAY since they were able to do something similar with Showtime for the Sims 3.

You could hire your friend's sims for shows and they would show up do the show and leave. It may not be able to work with what you want though. It had you making an online profile and then looking up other single sims for possible matches.

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I think it created new sims though instead of using ones already in the world.