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Sidem dating

Convinced they can do anything together, switching careers to be idols wasn’t too hard for Yusuke knowing his brother would be by his side.Touma is Jupiter’s leader and can be seemingly stuck up at times but he will never shirk from hard work.Previously a lawyer, he has a strong sense of justice and wants to protect everyone’s smile.

Like the i [email protected] anime before it, Side M’s strong appeal comes from its focus on achieving dreams, being idols, and a diverse cast.i [email protected] at its roots is a game where you play as a producer and help aspiring idols gain success.You do everything from choose places to perform, clothes for your idol to wear, and who to perform with.i [email protected] started over ten years ago as an arcade game.He also keeps his fellow members on track by keeping Yamashita diligent and Maita focused. As a former English teacher, he continues to use English words in nearly every sentence he speaks. He doesn’t seem to care about things like teaching, his appearance, or even idol work, but follows the example Hazama sets for him.Shiki is the super energetic and outspoken member whose flashy appearance and emphatic way of speaking set him apart.

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