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I only have conflicting anecdotal evidence for that–I know some gay people who prefer tall partners and some gay people who just don’t care. I also want to make clear that no matter a man’s height, it’s still most important to me that he be smart, progressive and interesting. Here’s a fact that tall women learn very early in life: Men don’t like being looked down on by a woman.This reaction–men feeling threatened by my height–seems rooted in the fact that I do not fit neatly into what they think of as “woman.” I’ve only recently started to ease my romantic height requirement.

A person who transitions from female to male and is attracted solely to men would typically identify as a gay man.

The last few guys I’ve dated have actually been a tad shorter than me. I still try to correct for the difference by wearing flats and slouching.

I was actually a little pleased with this Jezebel post on “meels”, heels for men.

I grew up with the standard Disney princess model of relationships. Hetero couples where the man is shorter often get mocked.

I’m ashamed that the thought “If I marry a short guy, I can’t wear heels on my wedding day” has actually gone through my mind. Part of it is that I’m a tall, broad-shouldered person.

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Standing at 5’7 in my socks, I am a fearsome sight to behold when I wear heels.

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