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Shat womansex

I am usually completely unselfconscious during sex (the only time I am ever unselfconscious), but the moment I start to worry that my intuition is not as good as I think it is, I stop enjoying giving oral sex.

I enjoy making my partner moan and squirm, so in that way, it is fun.

Sometimes, the person on the receiving end of oral sex is being pleasured, but also feels very vulnerable; meanwhile the giver, though performing an act that usually won't provide them with any direct physical pleasure, holds almost of the power in the situation.

For some people (even those who don’t particularly care for the act itself), it’s that power imbalance inherent in oral sex that gets them off ― further proof that sex is not just physical, but also about our emotional impressions and sensations.

Some days, I feel super confident doing them; a lot of people say it, but it really is a turn-on to see the effect it has on my partner.

I love it when I can tell my partner, male or female, is enjoying it.

If I can't tell, I get nervous and flustered and feel sexually inadequate.

I've come to really chafe at the idea that this is an "expected" part of sex for men, so while I'm 100 percent psyched to do it for the right partner, I'm only going to do it if actively want to.

When my now-husband and I were dating in college, I’d give him blowjobs almost every night of the week. I still love him, obvs, but I just don’t have a taste — no pun intended — for it anymore.

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Recently, Bustle asked women their thoughts on receiving oral sex, and their answers stretched all the way across the spectrum, from passionate love to disinterest and disdain. )..told me he just doesn't enjoy it that much, he said it was the same with his ex-girlfriends, too...