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The sex offender shall make the request to the Nebraska State Patrol. Any person required to register under the Act who violates the Act has committed a Class IV felony.The sex offender shall provide proof as listed under Neb. Any person previously been convicted of a violation of the Act is guilty of a Class III felony and shall be sentenced to a mandatory minimum term of at least one year in prison unless the act which caused the person to be placed on the registry was a misdemeanor, in which case the violation of the Act shall be a Class IV an exciting place for believers 18 and above looking for friendship, dates, personals or courtship.We help individuals meet, form relationships and maybe even find true love by providing a safe and fun online way to meet, connect and match with other singles. is not simply a free dating site or just a personals site, we are a real community of Christian singles who share beliefs and values.Still, the girls are hot, so who cares how they get naked or what they do while they're naked? The makers of Nebraska Coeds don't limit themselves to merely filming wet t-shirt contests in Nebraska, they also get in their cars and travel great distances to bring their members tit-flashing from around the globe; for example, there are a shit-ton of photos and videos taken at Spring Break in Florida.And though there is some hardcore on Nebraska Coeds, it should be noted that most of the content here is strictly softcore flashing and girl-girl action.Upon receipt of registration and confirmation of the registry requirement, the sex offender registration and community notification division of the Nebraska State Patrol shall notify the person by certified mail of his or her registry duration and verification schedule.The possible full registration periods and verification schedules are as follows: A sex offender who is required to register for fifteen years may request a reduction in the registration period to ten years upon completion of ten years of the registration period after the date of discharge from probation, parole, supervised release, or incarceration, whichever date is most recent. Any time period when any person who is required to register under the act fails to comply with such registration requirement shall not be counted as completed registration time and shall be used to recalculate the registration period.

According to the Nebraska Sex Offender Registration Act, you are required to report to a location designated by the Nebraska State Patrol for purposes of registration within three (3) working days after you become subject to the Act.

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With its army of intoxicated babes, Nebraska Coeds brings new meaning to the term "higher learning." Nebraska Coeds is updated regularly (sometimes multiple times a day! The main page of the members area houses the latest updates to the site and a handful of links to older sets in the site's vast archive.

The content on Nebraska Coeds is separated into two categories (Pictures and Videos) which are in turn broken up into smaller categories (Mardi Gras pictures, Spring Break videos, etc.).

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