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Sex dating in martinville arkansas

Alce Fortier, professor of linguistics at Tulane University, published a two-volume history in 1904.

Like Gayarr, Professor Fortier delved deeply into the available colonial records, so only a few errors mar his account of the first Acadians to reach Louisiana: "On April 6, 1764," Professor Fortier relates, "D'Abbadie announced the arrival in New Orleans of four Acadian families, twenty persons.

He offers, instead, a more accurate account of their arrival in the colony: "Thus, between the 1st of January and the 13th of May, 1765," Gayarr relates, "about six hundred and fifty Acadians had arrived at New Orleans, and from that town had been sent to form settlements in Attakapas and Opelousas, under the command of Andry.

Among those exiled to other American colonies, a number of them headed for the Mississippi either by sea, or by following certain rivers.They crossed the mighty spine and wintered among the Indians.The scattered parties, thrown off on the coast of every colony from Pennsylvania to Georgia, united, and trusting themselves to the western waters, sought the land on which the spotless banner waved, and the waves of the Mississippi brought them to New Orleans." Judge Martin then indulges in a wonderful fiction found in no contemporary record: "The levee and square of that city presented, on their arrival, a spectacle not unlike that they offered, about a quarter century before, on the landing of the woman and children snatched from the hands of the Natchez.In every province, the humane example of the legislature of Pennsylvania, was followed, and the colonial treasury was opened to relieve the sufferers; and private charity was not outdone by the public.Yet, but a few accepted the profered relief and sat down on the land that was offered them." Judge Martin's narrative, under the heading for 1756, plunges headlong into the overland myth: "The others fled westerly," he says of the exiles, "from what appeared to them a hostile shore--wandering till they found themselves out of sight of any who spoke the English language.

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Despite his careful research, however, he missed entirely the arrival of the Acadians from Georgia in February 1764.

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