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Sex dating in gualala california

Spanish flu epidimic hits, leaves 175 dead by early 1919; 160 children ill at Lytton home north of Healdsburg (Oct., 1918); residents urged to wear masks; schools and theaters closed; heavy death toll at Sonoma State Hosp.

Bootleggers, rumrunners become part of the scene as Prohibition era arrives across U. Speakeasies abound, with much smuggling activity allegedly going through the coastal town of Tomales.

Solomon Schocker and Agostino Pinelli are pioneers.

Santa Rosa becomes major shipping center, moving livestock, fruit, hops and paving rocks from local quarries.

Immigrant Russian Baptists, known as the Noshkin family, arrive in San Francisco.Prunes become a major crop; canneries and food packing plants around Healdsburg provide many jobs, especially for women.Natale Bacigalupi arrives in Santa Rosa, becomes unofficial mayor of "Little Italy." He runs a grocery store and makes "seed money" loans to immigrants. (Joe) Hotchkiss and James Miller develop winery & prune packing operations.Serious conflict avoided as Sonoma supporters of squatters face off against Bodega group led by landowner Tyler Curtis in so-called "Bodega War." Curtis, married to the widow of Stephen Smith, moves to San Francisco. Italians come to Occidental, other areas, work in lumber mills,tanneries and quarries.Sonoma 6th most populous county in California, larger than Los Angeles. The Korbel brothers, Francis, Anton and Joseph, make money in lumbering/shipping in San Francisco,move to Russian River area in 1872, build wine cellars in 1880s, produce champagne by a special French methodin 1890s.

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Jasper O'Farrell buys Jonive Rancho (Sebastopol.) He names his holdings the Annaly Rancho, eventually turned into Analy.

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