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In reaction to the alleged "corrupt bargain" between Adams and Henry Clay and the ambitious agenda of President Adams, Jackson's supporters founded the Democratic Party.Jackson ran again in 1828, defeating Adams in a landslide.When they immigrated to North America in 1765, Jackson's parents probably landed in Philadelphia.Most likely they traveled overland through the Appalachian Mountains to the Scots-Irish community in the Waxhaws, straddling the border between North and South Carolina.She then began to walk both boys back to their home in the Waxhaws, a distance of some 40 miles (64 km). Robert, who was far worse, rode on the only horse that they had, while Andrew walked behind them.In the final two hours of the journey, a torrential downpour began which worsened the effects of the smallpox.Jackson faced the threat of secession by South Carolina over what opponents called the "Tariff of Abominations." The crisis was defused when the tariff was amended, and Jackson threatened the use of military force if South Carolina attempted to secede.

Jackson, his mother, and his brothers lived with Jackson's aunt and uncle in the Waxhaws region, and Jackson received schooling from two nearby priests.

He ran for president in 1824, winning a plurality of the popular and electoral vote.

As no candidate won an electoral majority, the House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams in a contingent election.

Jackson may have claimed to be a South Carolinian because the state was considering nullification of the Tariff of 1824, which he opposed.

In the mid-1850s, second-hand evidence indicated that he might have been born at a different uncle's home in North Carolina. When Andrew refused to clean the boots of a British officer, the officer slashed at the youth with a sword, leaving him with scars on his left hand and head, as well as an intense hatred for the British.

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Jackson, regarding the Bank as a corrupt institution, vetoed the renewal of its charter.