Sex dating in aztec new mexico

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Sex dating in aztec new mexico

Remember that we have only temporarily (and illegally) been deprived of the rights to our continent and our heritage.

The contents of this book will end the ignorance that exists about our true history.

is the European parasitic habitual crime of invading other people's land, stealing their resources, destroying their society, committing genocide against the majority of the people (whenever they could use biological warfare), enslaving the remaining population, and culturally annihilating them by executing their leaders and destroying pride in their heritage.

Colonialism is by its very nature parasitic in that it depends totally on the stolen foreign land and the enslaved foreign people to sustain it.

Parasites in that they suck off the wealth of other nations and in order to enrich and to gorge themselves, leaving an emaciated people and a devestated nation when they have sucked all of the fat of the land.

They are a cancer in that they have taken whole races and nations into extinction with their use of biological warfare.

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No other racism in the history of humanity has killed as much of humanity, enslaved so many, robbed so many, while expressing no real apology or restitution for its crimes.

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