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“Come with me, I have more pizza than I’ll ever eat.”Uncle Greg followed her into the living room.“I don’t think I should stay,” he said, sounding insecure.“Nonsense!Aunt Mary will have cleared up after you now and I have plenty of food here.When the pizza arrived she changed into her satin pyjamas and settled in front of the TV. She looked out of the window and could see that the neighborhood was still lit up, so it couldn’t be a power cut. He answered after a few rings.“Uncle Greg, it’s me, Donna,” she said.“I’m at the house and the power just went, but all the neighbors still have theirs.”Her uncle told her that he’d be right over. There was only very little light coming in from the street, but it was enough for her to giggle with satisfaction.For the next fifteen minutes they ate the pizza and chatted about things that neither one of them would remember the next day. It’ll be our little secret.”Uncle Greg wasn’t talking anymore, he was breathing heavily, looking at his niece’s naked body as her words teased him.

When she came home she was shocked to see her parents loading their suitcases into the back of a cab.“Dad,” she called out. And rather than having a good home cooked meal she’d ordered a pizza as the fridge was empty.Uncle Greg was a hottie and she looked forward to teasing him.While away at university, Donna had realized the power her big tits and sexy body had over men, and she had on several occasions used sexual favors as a bargaining tool.It’ll give us a chance to catch up since I haven’t seen you since last summer.Come on, Uncle Greg, come and chat with your favorite niece.”Uncle Greg finally gave in and sat next to Donna.

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