Sex aunty text chat

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Sex aunty text chat

What happens is this one is that Ryan -- 20, has lusted over Nikola -- 40 for a few months. Let me know if there are any other facets to that particular kink I can add to my writings.

One Saturday night, out of the blue, he gets a phone call from Nikola inviting him to her house. Feedback can be via PM on Lit, Public Comments below, or email. There's scope for a follow-up scene to this submission depending on interest and my own circumstances. I hope you enjoy, and if there are any typos or other fuck-ups in the text I apologise and hope you enjoy it just the same.

I loved it when Nikola swore, which she did with the ease of a sailor, the obscenities sounded so wrong when she delivered them with that la-de-da accent of hers.

I knew Nikola's history -- the daughter of a colonel in a good regiment of the British Army; later married to a lawyer and subsequently divorced; two kids, a boy and a girl, the boy living with his dad.

I aimed this primarily at the pee fetishists, however I couldn't help myself and made Nikola a big-boobed MILF (I was in that kind of mood).Also, as I got close to the finale I then injected the 'Aunty Nikola' thing.I do hope this cross-categorisation doesn't detract from the overall impression of a nasty piss tale. I'd like to know how this is received by the genuine pee lovers out there.Her daughter sat there, a truculent and pouty nineteen year old, a younger, more willowy version of her mother.The girl, I noticed had a fair pair of boobs on her too, like mother like daughter, but the girl's were only just contained in a loose-fitting tank top.

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"We're going out," the girl said to her mother in a sulky voice.