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Serinda swan dating terrell owens

But she’s a lazy, manipulative, lying pepsi head, that never has a job, and only wants to be “your friend” cause she tried to convince you partying hard with her is fun and cool but no.. a month goes by and then I found out she was sleeping with one of her ex’s, but then when I confronted her about it, she admitted to sleeping with her ex girlfriend (yes she into females), so caught her up on another one. This DRD pepsi head is by far someone you need to avoid if you can. Not gonna mention any names THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well thought this relationship was going good til I finally got Brittany to admit that she was sleeping with a dude from her work, then I was stupid enough to forgive her…Brooks mentioned on a September 2010 episode of The Wendy Williams Show that he turned down basketball scholarships and offers from Ivy League schools in favor of going to USC. Brooks' early work includes being a Calvin Klein underwear model.

Run, don’t walk away from this seemingly no brainer deal. She sleeps with any guy that will give her the time of day.Serinda Swan is an actress of Canadian nationality known best for the portrayal of Erica Reed in Breakout Kings and DEA Special Agent Paige Arkin in Graceland.She was born to parents Scott Swan in West Vancouver and was enrolled in a local school.Brooks appeared in the ABC documentary-style dramedy television series My Generation, which premiered in Fall 2010, the show was canceled after only two episodes.He was among the cast on the USA Network series Necessary Roughness which debuted on June 29, 2011, the show featured Brooks as Terrence "TK" King, a football player for the New York Hawks whose anger issues cause his team to require him to see therapist. Brooks guest starred in the episode "Personal Fouls" of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Prince Miller, a basketball superstar who was once one of his coach's (Dan Lauria) prodigies, the coach under suspicion of being a sexual predator in 2012 and a guest role on JJ Abrams new show 'Alcatraz' episode 6 as a bomb disposal expert.

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