Sedating dogs at home

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Sedating dogs at home

I supposed we could've cut them gradually and let the quick recede.another option that's noisier and messier, but may be easier overall is trying a dremel sanding drum with the flexible extended wand - keeps the loud moter away from them and gives you more control. She has her quirks, like all pets, and one annoying one is her fear of getting her toenails clipped.I can lay her down, I can get the toenail clippers in place, but when once I snip the first one off, she starts freaking out.Over a period of a few days, she should become noticably more excited when you get out the clippers. Most dogs are more sensitive about having their back feet held.

I would teach her over time that it's okay, myself. If she gets nervous when you mess with her feet, take a couple weeks teaching her that touching her toes equals Good Happy Things. I used this kind ( on my old dog and this kind ( on my cats.Drugging your dog just to trim its nails seems a bit excessive to me. Before I spent 20 minutes typing out a step-by-step post on how to use classical and operant conditioning to train your dog to accept having her nails clipped, I wanted to know if you were really interested in training her, or if you just wanted some quick and easy suggestions on how to restrain her while you clipped the nails.I realize not everyone is as interested in dog behavior and the psychology of training as I am, which is why I asked if you were interested in training her, especially since your thread title indicated you were looking at medication as a solution, not training.Originally posted by rev_eng:we give our dog a motion sickness pill, and it knocks her out for car rides.I didn't think motion sickness pills would make you drowsy, but it works on her. We generally just have the dog groomers take care of it.

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We give her one tablet (not sure the mg..what the vet told us to do)--she is about 40lbs. Our dog loves to go on rides, but he immediately starts whining/yelping when we start to drive (something about the drive bothers him). Of course, then he only gets his nails trimmed every once in a while, and it isn't often enough.

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