Sedating cats on flights dating lyric rihanna who

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Sedating cats on flights

The cabin crew do not access the hold during the flight, but the ground staff will ensure your pet is securely loaded on board and are unloaded as soon as possible after landing.Check with your Flight Centre consultant to find out where you can collect your four-legged traveller after their sky-high journey.Getting your pet comfortable with their container is the best thing you can do to calm their nerves (and your own! Put their favourite toy or a comfort item such as an old shirt with your smell on it in the container and encourage them to sleep in it, explore it and become comfortable with it at home.Taking your pet on a few short drives in the container may also help them become used to travelling in it.

Seasoned pet travel pros recommend taking some wet wipes to clean the container (and your pooch or puss) at their destination.

Airlines have staff trained in pet travel who will care for your precious cargo on their journey.

If your furry friend is accepted as cargo or checked baggage, they will be travelling securely in the aircraft hold – a climate controlled space perfectly safe for animals.

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Ask the vet to provide a certificate for a clean bill of health as you may be required to show it when you check your pet in for their journey.

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