Secret to online dating

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Secret to online dating

The app, which allows its users to sign up in pairs and go on double dates, has found on average matches are 50% higher than traditional dating apps where people meet one on one. Therefore, when you’re standing next to a friend, you seem more attractive to a potential suitor and they are more likely to swipe right.

First coined by The University of California, the theory states that people are more attractive when photographed in a pair or group because the mind averages out the asymmetries and disproportionalities of all the faces to make the best of each one.

Our love of eating, it turns out, does have an impact on how we interact with each other romantically.

Simply writing about food in your profile results in an increase in inbound messages.

The survey also discovered exceptions to daters’ obsession with eating.

Despite being a favorite comfort food for many, mentioning fried chicken in a dating profile resulted in 15% fewer messages than average.

So when the author of the Bridget Jones novels said she knows the secret to online dating, single ladies everywhere listened up.

If you dare to mention yams, your incoming messages could drop a whopping 70%.

And food, despite being a turn-on in your profile, won’t do you much good once the messaging starts.

Even if Fielding’s results aren’t all that heartwarming, another viewing of Online dating is beyond the last thing I would ever do - never!

If I want to meet a stranger, I can walk on the street and ask crossing men if they want to date me - but also this is something I would never do. Conclusio: yes, it may be, that you should be a real bitch for online-dating, and I'm not, sorry!

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As part of her research for the newest book in the Jones series, , author Helen Fielding set up two online dating profiles and began an experiment that proved nice girls don’t always finish first in the dating game.

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