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Try to avoid anything that could be answered easily and this might require a few minutes of research (possibly painful but helpful).If they like fiction don’t ask what their favorite book is, ask them what series they would want to live in and why.More like “what do you want to know” when I haven’t asked the questions along those lines.I generally say I like the same things (I get specific), tell briefly about myself and invite them to email me back. To me, it’s a little odd that their responses are so short but I will say that getting contacts/winks/responses is a good thing.If they’re a camping nut, don’t ask them what the best park to go camping is, ask them what their best camping experience was.This is a wild guess but if you’re in your early 20s it might apply: you could respond in the same fashion as them. I suggest this because the current generation of young adults have grown up having these types of conversations through IM and texts. Now I would think most people would move to something a bit more fleshed out when dating online…but maybe not!Speaking of instant messengers, that could be another option.

I have discussed the idea of meeting quickly in my post on The First Date.The fact that you receive the first response gives you so many more options than you had before.Also, if you see them online try to start a chat session and see if it goes any better.It seems that not getting responses at all is a much more common problem and it’s good that this situation has moved beyond that.Still, it’s an annoying problem and appreciating that you don’t have someone else’s problem isn’t going to solve it.

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  2. But over the course of four and a half seasons, you have a mutual respect that grows into a deep friendship between the two of them. I think in any show in the beginning, there’s always some confusion as to what direction it will go and what direction the characters will go.