Scottish dating circle

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Scottish dating circle

The pair escaped unscathed after the attack after using their surfboards to fend off a predator.Earlier this year fisherman off the Cornish coast captured the largest blue shark - measuring at 9ft (2.7 metres) long - ever found around UK shores.A group of blue sharks were spotted near Penzance in Cornwall in September 2016.Two anglers hauled in a Porbeagle shark, which is part of the great white family, near the St Ives Coast in April 2017.This short article will hopefully shed some light on the historical basis for what is known as the "shilling terminology" or the shilling system. During this period the majority of Scottish brewers were producing a number of beers of differing styles and alcohol content.The shilling system started to be used some time in the mid 19th century. Light beers such as table beer ranged from 42/- to 48/-.

Dolphins normally travel in groups and if one of the group is threatened the others will violently defend it.

The blue shark, which is found throughout the world's oceans, rarely bite humans but will attack if they feel threatened.

Dog-walker Donald Campbell took pictures of the shark and posted them online.

The shark was discovered on the beach at Burghead on the Moray Firth, which is home to a large population of bottlenose dolphins.

Dolphins are faster swimmers than sharks and can maneuver more quickly.

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The gory images show it with a substantial open wound just behind its eye and along the gills.