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The Temple’s core campaigns often involve topics where a dominant religion might encroach on legislature, such as gay marriage, reproductive health, or a woman’s right to choose.

Other campaigns come into play when religion is being inserted into an area where the Temple believes it shouldn’t be, Constitutionally speaking, such as public schools or government properties.

In fact, not a single goat (nor virgin, for that matter) has been sacrificed here.

What the Satanic Temple does believe in, and advocate for, is the separation of church and state, religious freedom, personal autonomy, and critical thinking.

They conducted rituals at five points around the city, enveloping it in an intangible pentagram. Rex Parris, who had declared the city a "Christian community" and opened public meetings with prayer, ruffling the feathers of not just Satanists, but residents of other religions and the ACLU.

In that way, the Satanic Temple is like a fine sieve through which fundamentalism flows, leaving behind chunks of glaring hypocrisy -- as well as the occasional hint of violence.

Ali Kellogg, chapter head of the Los Angeles branch of the Satanic Temple, said that Temple members are routinely greeted with rape and death threats from members of other religions. A scroll through any comment section of any article about the group reveals a mix of praise, humor, and revulsion.

We’re challenging hateful, bigoted authority that encroaches on people’s personal lives and choices for no reason other than for their personal gain and quest for power -- be it politicians in a theocratic society, or an all-powerful God,” Kellogg said.

“The Satanic Temple is all about diversity, community, mutual respect, altruism, and working with people from different walks of life to make the world a better place.” LA’s Satanists come in all ages, from all backgrounds and income levels, and are, on the whole, pretty friendly (your neighbor might be a Satanist! Kellogg described their meetings like “family reunions,” which typically involve cooking dinner at someone’s house and then hunkering down from some good old-fashioned grassroots organization.

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