Sasuke and sakura dating intimidating music songs

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Sasuke and sakura dating

Sakura had given him her toy to stop him from crying, and he had kept it with him ever since.Eventually, they break up, since Madara and Orochimaru threatened to hurt Sakura if he didn't let her go.He was introduced in chapter 1 together with the other protagonists.As it is remarked throughout the series, Sasuke is a very attractive teenager, with a priviledged physique that makes most of the girls in the school inmediately fall in love with him, Karin and Sakura among them.

He is a student at Konoha Gakure high school and is seventeen years old.

After Sasuke and Sakura break up, Sasuke leaves her for Naruto : DD.

Unlike Sakura, he can't control his temper and gets into a fight with Sasuke, which leaves them both bleeding but it doesn't give positive results.

Although they went to the same class, not much interaction was shown between them until Ino's "date" in chapter 2, where Sasuke calls Sakura annoying after she commented how annoying it was to come with their parents to the mall when they were little.

This makes her upset, and she goes to cry to the bathroom.

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Even Ino and Hinata noticed his attractiveness in chapter 4.